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What is a new style of city for Satoumi

Satoumi is a lifestyle based on the use of natural assets and sources of energy, while respecting the environment.


Background of the City
As Otomo no Yakamochi said that

Shima-city called “Miketsukuni” *from about eighth century, the traditional practices of the people of Shima reflect a spirit of respect for the natural world, while benefiting from rich natural resources through agriculture, forestry and fisheries.
In the late 19th Century, sustainable pearl aquaculture was successfully introduced, with farms at Ago Bay and Matoya Bay producing high-quality pearls.

In more recent times, however, global trends have emphasized economic growth over concern for the natural environment. This has created serious issues such as rapid climate change and the depletion of bio-diversity. In Shima-city, it has become more difficult to enjoy a reliable and varied supply of natural resources, because of changes in lifestyles and industrial practices, and in the relationship between people and nature.
In addition, the agriculture, forestry and fisheries industries in the city have been affected by declining global prices for their products. This loss of industrial vitality is a potential threat to community-based traditional culture, as loss of workers will leave an aging population.

The need to build a sustainable society that provides a rich and healthy lifestyle has become clear all over the world. To this end, the Iseshima National Park was created in 1946, setting aside certain marine and forest areas from development. This encouraged conservation of beautiful environments that also sustain numerous types of organism. Thanks to this initiative, practices of agriculture, forestry and fisheries that produce excellent products, and form part of our history and culture have been retained.
We now need even more consideration of nature and careful use of natural resources, in order to generate sustainable energy and to build a new relationship between humanity and nature for the benefit of future generations.

Miketsukuni represents the responsibility of the nation to dedicate foods for the emperor and gods.

What is Satoumi

The word “sato” includes the meaning of ‘a place of human activities’. For example “Satoyama” can mean the forests which sustain a stable natural environment, related deeply to local people’s agriculture and forestry practices (A “stable natural environment” means little change in number of animals, types of animals and botanical organisms).
A coastal area where human activities such as fishing still result in high productivity and biodiversity has been called Satoumi, the same concept as Satoyama. Satoumi is now coming into common usage around the world as a concept for resolving issues in marine conservation and coastal resource management.

In Satoyama areas, people plant trees that are beneficial for them, and utilize these trees as materials, such as for fire wood. These traditional practices themselves become an element of the ecosystem.
In Satoumi, forests, agricultural lands and human activities produce nutrients. These nutrients dissolve into sea water, encouraging the growth of marine plants and algae. These feed sea life which in turn becomes part of the nutrition cycle of the seacoast ecosystem.

* “Littoral region”
A littoral region is an area of vegetation with a river system that affects a coastal sea area and near shore waters.

Our New Satoumi

These days, marine areas are used not only as fisheries but also for eco-tourism, marine sport, maritime traffic and marine education.
With this in mind,Shima-city makes the sea coast areas “New Satoumi” balancing practical use and conservation of the natural environment. These sustainable activities are captured in the slogan, “earn! Learn! Enjoy!”

The concept of a New Satoumi is a new community advance toward the goals of sustaining both the pleasant living environment and the prosperity of Shima-city. With this in mind, we encourage both those from the region and from elsewhere who support a New Satoumi to visit Shima-city and purchase local products. This also creates revenue from eco-tourism.

A New Satoumi where we can earn, learn and enjoy

What is a New Satoumi where we can earn

Shima is a city where the natural environment is preserved, agriculture, forestry and fisheries are productive; and that people from both inside and outside Japan want to “visit, live in and support” for its attractive scenery and quality produce. Shima is in a coastal area where local resources, including agricultural, forestry and marine products as well as scenery and culture, can be enjoyed in a sustainable manner without being damaged.

What is a New Satoumi where you can learn

Shima’s coastal area can be used to educate people in the concept of Satoumi, and in local industry and culture. Here they will learn the necessary processes for “utilization and conservation of natural blessings”, so that the next generation of local industry is secured and the environment is preserved. This education will raise skills and awareness that will contribute to solving global environmental problems, such as climate change and loss of biodiversity.

What is a New Satoumi where you can enjoy

In Shima’s coastal area, every resident and visitor can enjoy a rich natural and cultural life. The area hosts various marine leisure activities, and nice satoyama and Satoumi for strolling in lush green areas and bracing sea air. The area also has a deep historical and cultural heritage.


Creating a New Satoumi

A New Satoumi must be connected deeply with associated land vegetation. In Shima-city, areas of vegetation with an impact on the coastal environment are included as part of the sea coast area. Municipal staff and related sectors work together to construct a comprehensive sea coast management system to encourage both use and preservation of natural resources.

Our goal is to establish a society that can co-exist with bountiful nature, and also provide a healthy and prosperous lifestyle for its people. In order to establish that society, we must seriously consider harnessing and treatment of nature, the preservation of biodiversity, and lowering of carbon emissions. In 2011 we designed a political action plan, the “Shima-city Satoumi Creation Basic Plan”, and “Shima-city Satoumi Creation Promotion Council” was established by business stakeholders and local community representatives in 2012

image-pic-05.jpgShima City Satoumi Creation Basic Plan

Features of the Shima-city Satoumi Creation Basic Plan are as follows;
(1) This is Japan’s first municipal Integrated Coastal Management Plan, which will be developed and implemented jointly by all stakeholders related to the use and preservation of the coastal area.
(2) The Plan integrates efforts in the preservation of the city’s rich natural environment and regional revitalization.
(3) The Plan places emphasis on collaboration between citizens, related organizations and business.
(4) The Plan represents an ongoing process, with its progress checked and evaluated, and its content adapted to changes in the natural environment and social circumstances.

“The Shima City Satoumi Creation Basic Plan” can be accessed from the Satoumi Promotion Section in the municipal head office, and each regional office and library in Shima district, PDF files can be downloaded from the links below;

Download link

Shima City Satoumi Creation Basic Plan (First phase: 2012 - 2015)